Find your new home in IMPRESSED RECORDINGS

In everything we do, we aim to create experiences that connect musicians with music lovers. 

We work towards being a global music brand that empowers musicians and listeners alike.

Quite simply, we’re here for the music, just like you.

Impressed isn't a slogan, a logo or a gimmick.

It lives music. It breathes music. It speaks music. 

Because it’s all of us, it’s you

It’s our seven-year-old selves hearing The Beatles for the first time. It’s our seventeen-year-old selves getting sweaty in a mosh pit for the first time. It’s our thirty-seven-year-old selves turning up our favourite song in the car with our kids, with the windows down and the wind in our hair. It’s our seventy-year-old selves playing our favourite record for our grandkids for the first time. 

It’s the freedom we feel when we hear our favourite song. 

It’s the way our favourite lyrics speak to us. 

It’s the songs we’ve lost ourselves in, and the songs where we’ve found ourselves. 

It’s the amazing truth that no matter where you come from, we all find ourselves in the music. 

You just feel it in your heart. 

A lover of music is a lover of life. 

Welcome home.

Founder, Luke Bevans says, “We hope our customers are empowered with a love of music when they listen to our vinyl and step into our space. We hope in Impressed, they find a music brand that speaks to their values of supporting musicians and being a platform to find new music they love. Impressed is made for lovers of music, by lovers of music.”

The team is helmed by founder and Apple Music/Universal Music veteran Luke Bevans. Joining him are Georgia O’Connor, a seasoned musician and brand manager turned artist manager, and artist manager turned music industry lawyer Troy Barrott.

Born out of a collective passion for discovering impressive records and the drive to share them with a wider audience, Impressed is not only crafted for the musician; it's a love letter to all music lovers.