Frequently Asked Questions

There’s heaps of vinyl merchants online. Why should I buy from Impressed?

We make unique pressings at the best possible quality, manufactured by Suitcase Records in Meanjin/Brisbane, Australia. Our goal is to make any ‘Impressed version’ different, unique and collectible through a numbered obi strip and a unique colour variant.

We’re always transparent about how much a record will cost - both to you and the artist - and we’re passionate about making sure that the artist and songwriters are paid for their art. Simply put, we want to make unique, quality vinyl records by artists we love, and share them with the wider public.

Where is your vinyl pressed?

As the above, all Impressed vinyl is pressed by Suitcase Records in Meanjin/Brisbane. Keeping it local allows us to maintain quality and ensure better turnarounds, and support Aussie artists and businesses just like us. 

How do you choose which artists / music to press?

There’s four of us in the core day-to-day teams, all of which have music industry experience and are fans of wildly different genres of music. If there’s a majority vote in favour of the record, we’ll work with the rights holder and artist to create an exclusive ‘Impressed version’. Simply, if we’re impressed with the music, we’ll want to press it.

How do artists get paid?

Firstly, we pay for the manufacturing - not the artist or label. This saves them a ton of money (vinyl ain’t cheap.) Then, we pay a really good royalty on a per unit basis which means they get a healthy payout that’s in dollars, not cents. 

What does ‘day of release’ mean?

For ARIA chart purposes (we’re accredited), ‘day of release’ simply means the day an album or EP officially counts toward the chart - usually a Friday. Wherever possible, our goal is to get the record into your hot little hands at exactly the same time. Of course, postage can sometimes go awry, but given that we make and ship in Australia, we’re pretty confident.

Can I get an Impressed record in another online shop?

Nope! Impressed versions are exclusive to the website you’re on right now.  You may find similar variants in colour elsewhere but they won’t come with our signature obi, essays & packaging.

Do you distribute to record stores?

Sometimes! You may find very limited numbers of Impressed releases  in select record stores (we love record stores, too!). If you’re at a record store (or any other store) and this sounds like your jam, drop us a line here

What’s an obi strip?

An obi strip is a piece of heavyweight card that traditionally wraps around the spine of the jacket in Japanese pressings. It carries more information about the record and allows us to make the pressing special without asking the artist to compromise their artwork or design of their art.

Who writes your essays?

Essays are included in most of our LP album packages. These are written by some of the country’s best music journalists and commissioned by our Creative Director, who is also a music journalist! We hope you enjoy them and that they will provide an added depth to your listening experience. 

*Sometimes this isn’t possible due to production deadlines, or in the event that an artist wants their music to speak for itself.

I want to buy more than one record. How does bundling work?

As of February 2024, we have discontinued bundling discounts, but give us a moment while we get the calculator out and try to bring it back.

What happens if I check the box marked ‘without plastic’ during checkout?

A lot of record buyers online ask for their records to come with some plastic outerwrap, often to protect against the elements whilst in transit. We don’t believe in shrink wrapping; it just means something (at best) going in the soft plastic bin that Australia can’t get around to dealing with, but we will supply your record covered in a removable and reusable soft plastic bag. 

We understand that some customers won’t want the extra plastic. So if you don’t want it, just check that box. 

We’re working hard on alternatives to this bag that protects your record, allows you to see it on your shelf, and most importantly looks after the earth. 

Can you do more for the environment?

No doubt. Trust us; we’re on it. We're going to press 2 records in the first quarter of 2024 in eco-wax that has reduced carbon of up to 92% but still sounds great. We can also make records in runs up to 500 in colour re-grind, made from the offcuts of other colour records that would otherwise get binned. We’re working on sourcing compostable inner and outer sleeves, too.

I’m an independent artist. How do I talk to you about getting my record pressed?

We’re big lovers of music here, but we can’t press everything. We’re aiming to put out no more than ten releases a month. Contact us on the email below. However, you can chat directly with our wonderful friends at Suitcase about other options for releasing vinyl while we take a listen to your stuff.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Send us an email to tell us what's up and someone from our Customer Service team will get back to you as soon as possible. Be sure to include your order number (if you have one).

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