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Surf Trash - The Only Place I Know - Vinyl LP & Cap Bundle

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Released on - 13 Sep 2024
Surf Trash Album and Cap bundle
Feels like
cold beer and surfboard rash

Surf Trash, who hail from Lake Macquarie and live in Newcastle, NSW, make melodic surf-pop-punk that sounds great turned up loud, driving in your mates car on the way back to the beach. They landed a lot of attention when they first broke out as teenagers in 2018, but they've bided their time and are now ready to release their debut album, exclusively on Impressed. 

Co-produced by Jack Nigro (The Terrys, Pacific Avenue, Rum Jungle) it's filled with hooks, melodies, huge guitar solos and singalong choruses. 

They've just completed their second US tour (not bad AT ALL for an independent Australian band with no traditional label or management company) as well as finishing this album which we've been singing along to in our car on the way to work for a while. The album includes the singles 'Spice It Up', 'Hello Again' and 'Healin The Feelin' which have been attracting lots of triplej - and US - attention. 

"It’s not a record that sees them ‘growing up’ (they still maintain that youthful energy, that sense of fun, and the same sort of urgency that accompanied their earliest work), rather it’s an album which triumphantly carves their name into the wall of Aussie music. It’s a record which says, “We’re Surf Trash, and we matter.”" Tyler Jenke

“Surf Trash are KILLING it both here and overseas right now and rightly so“ - Claire Mooney, triplej

Their debut album comes pressed in an exclusive blue and white marble, strictly limited to 200 copies and includes a poster, individually-numbered obi strip, and an essay from Tyler Jenke on what makes Surf Trash great and unique. 

There's also an option to get a very-natty limited edition Surf Trash cap, which is exclusive to the album pre-order. 

Album is out on September 13th. Free shipping in Australia and shipping and taxes applied at checkout for everywhere else. 

Limited edition 'The Only Place I Know' marble vinyl and corduroy cap bundle.